04.16.21 - Weekly Growth Stock Techno-fundmental Analysis

Welcome to the weekly Amyrlin Analytics drop, where we use techno-fundamental analysis to put the wind at your back, and help you invest with conviction.

Quick note: We're pleased to be bringing this analysis to you absolutely free all the way through the end of April 2021. Starting Friday, April 2, however, you will be required to be a free subscriber to Amyrlin Analytics in order to access these analyses.

What would Bill O’Neil Be in?

Bill O’Neil is the founder of Investor’s Business Daily, the author of How To Make Money In Stocks, and considered by many to be one of the greatest investors of all time. Bill’s strategy – known as CANSLIM – was largely about putting your cash into stocks with great fundamentals and great technicals. Jim Roppel, another phenomenal growth stock investor, and a former mentee of Bill O’Neil’s, has provided some additional context about Bill being a “liquidity junkie”. The below plot is designed to help you quickly eyeball stocks that Bill O’Neil might be invested in, or might be considering investing in, were he still active.

Tip: The bigger the circle, the more liquid the stock is. The top-right quadrant, labeled “The Bill O’Neil Quadrant”, is ideal, but don’t discount a stock if it’s liquid and on the bottom-right.